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Transform your Christian & Gospel music ideas into a commercial quality masterpiece with our experienced producers! 

Finding the right Christian & gospel music producer can be a difficult task. You want someone who understands your message and will do justice to your song. That’s why our team of producers is here for you – we’ll make sure your track sounds exactly as you envision it, taking the time to get to know your vision and music intimately.

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Check out some of the music we produced. You will hear various Christian music styles of worship, gospel, CCM, and more.

What is our production process?


We get the vision of your song and any reference content. We will prepare a basic demo for review.


Our musicians will add the musical parts to bring life to the song. Next, we will send the produced track for review.


Record background and lead vocals. We assist you in finding a local recording studio to record and send us your vocals.

Mixing & Mastering

Prepare the session files to mix & master the song. Then, perform necessary revisions and send the final files.

Christian & Gospel music production with Neuman TLM 197 microphone

Our Production Process

Let us take your musical ideas to the next level!

Submit References

Submit reference information about your song. Reference tracks, acapella tracks, unfinished demos, voice memos, etc.

Producer Session

Live producer session over Zoom to discuss your song vision and build out the main elements of the song.

Song Demo

Prepare a demo of the basic song arrangement and production and send for approval. Ensure we have the right song key and tempo.

Music Production

Build out the complete music arrangement for the song adding all of the instruments, session musicians, and background vocals.

Record Vocals

We will provide a rough mix of the music for your to record your vocals. You can use a local recording studio or your home setup. Once done, upload your tracks with provided instructions.


Mix your song for quality broadcasting and streaming-ready mixes so that your song stand out. Perform post production such as pitch & timing correction.


Finalize the mix & ensuring that your track is ready for streaming and other online music services without compromising quality.

Wrap Up

Provide your file deliverables via DropBox along with resources to release your music.

Client Testimonials

Samuel truly exceeded my expectations! After pouring so much of myself into this song, I was justifiably anxious about how it would turn out. But he approached the project with great care and professionalism making sure to keep its spirit alive throughout production – crafting something even better than what I had originally envisioned. His skills are undeniable and rest assured that if I ever venture down a similar path again, Samuel will be one of the first people on speed dial!

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Common Questions About Our Production Services

We are located in Crestview, Florida. We specialize in remote music production for clients outside our region.

Remote production is a form of music production that allows musicians, producers, and engineers to collaborate on a project without being in the same physical space. This means that they can collaborate remotely via video conferencing, chat rooms, file-sharing services and other online tools. It often involves recording each musician’s part separately then mixing them all together digitally.

If you haven’t considered remote music production before, check out our resource Remote Music Production: Everything You Need To Know.

With our production process, you can approve each step before we move on to the next one, and if at any point you would like to opt out of the process, we will issue a refund minus any occurred expenses (session musicians). The earlier we pull the plug, the better.

When it comes to song copyright, you are the rightful owner of a recording when it has been completed. This is because our production packages are done on a ‘work-for-hire’ basis, meaning that the rights belong to you and you alone at the end of the process.

If using our songwriting services, the songwriters will maintain the rights to their compositions. We will send a separate songwriting agreement.
After each session musician & vocalists records, we will provide you with an MP3 preview for review. Your first modification is complimentary, but further revisions will incur a fee of $50 per instrument.
After the mix is completed, we will provide you with an MP3 preview for review. Your first three rounds of revisions are complimentary, but further revisions will incur a fee of $50 per mixes.

Music Post Production editing is the process of cleaning up audio recordings, to help ensure that songs are as good sounding as possible. This editing typically includes comping, quantization, pitch correction, timing and alignment, in order to achieve a polished sound.