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Kim Sharell: A Vintage Christmas EP This fusion jazz and R&B puts emotion into Christmas classics like never before.

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A Vintage Christmas by Kim Sharell

Samuel Hill, a music producer, collaborated with artist Kim Sharell, life coach, and instructor, to create a vintage Christmas EP at the VIVID TEMPO Studio. An experienced team of musicians and engineers also contributed to making this album a reality by blending elements of modern Gospel and R&B genres into the mix.

Nat King Cole’s beloved classic, The Christmas Song, gets a modern makeover on this EP. For the production of this EP, music producer Samuel Hill utilized many different resources. The East-West Symphonic Orchestra was used to arrange virtual strings, while Jazz drums were programmed with East-West ProDrummer. Additionally, the Bechstein and B√∂sendorfer pianos from the East-West Pianos Collection were included in the mix. All these elements combined to create an end product that is truly unique and innovative.

The Christmas Song and Silent Night used a combination of live electric guitars by Robert White and a sampled guitar by Ample Sound – Ample Guitar Semi Hollow modeled on a Gibson ES 335. Justin Gray provided live electric guitars on Mary Did You Know.

Chris Snowden added bass guitar to Mary Did You Know, which also featured vocalists Shakira Oswald and live drums by Jason Meekins.

The production of all the songs on the album was done at VIVID TEMPO studio. For added vocal clarity and to ensure every note lined up perfectly, Melodyne Studio software was used for vocal editing and tuning.

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