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Chance Calloway: Beyond Words Devotional choral praise and worship music combining heart & soul with jazz

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Beyond Words by Chance Calloway

Acclaimed artist and film director Chance Calloway (“Pretty Dudes” Series) brings a stunning performance of praise and worship with a glorious choir during his hiatus return into the music industry with Beyond Words. Incorporating soulful gospel choir sound with a jazz twist, Ryan Classe is featured by adding horns to the mix to create an even bigger sound.

Written by Chance Calloway, Joseph M. Scriven, Charles C. Converse, & Carl Boburg

Christian music producer Samuel Hill produced and mastered the song at VIVID TEMPO Studios in 2021.

“I programmed the Martin® acoustic guitars by using Ample Sound. Drums were created with Superior Drummer 3 by Toontrack, and the song features 5 separate vocalists recorded 3 at a time in isolated rooms at the VIVIDTEMPO studios. Chance Calloway provided a rough draft of the songs, and the rest was made around it. The trumpet and all-electric guitars were recorded live. I had a lot of fun mixing and mastering this song, as it provided a concert hall praise sound with many tracks. I was blessed to provide my talent by playing and programming all instruments in this song. Once each track was recorded, performed, and programmed, the song was mixed and mastered on an iMac Pro in Logic Pro X.