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What is audio mixing?

Music audio mixing is one of the most essential steps in music production. Furthermore, it requires great skill and years of experience to grasp the art of mixing.

It’s pretty typical for musicians and non-musician to misjudge the power of audio mixing and its significance. In music, mixing is a vital aspect of a recording. All the instruments and voices have been combined to match your style and approach.

Behind any beautiful worship song, there is always a lot of hard work, experience, and an intricate creative process to bring the music pieces together.

Ideally, every voice, musical instrument, and sound is recorded separately when music is created. Then the tracks and stems are united to form a beautiful finished song.

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Things to know if you are recording tracks yourself

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What is typical in audio mixing services?

The mix engineer takes the individual recordings of different musical instruments and vocals to sum them to a stereo track. During mixing, multiple processes are performed.

Gain Staging

Gain staging is the process of adjusting each audio track to an optimal level before moving to the next chain in the signal path to minimize noise and distortion.


EQ (or equalization) adjusts the tonal balance of different frequency components in an audio signal.


 Audio compression is used to control the dynamic range and level out a recorded audio track’s loud and quiet parts.

Parallel Compression

Parallel compression is a technique where a track or stem signal is blended with a heavenly compressed version of the same audio for a punchier sound.

Audio Automation

Audio automation is the process of recording the movements of an audio track fader, knob, or button that’s controlling a parameter in a track or plug-in. Automation is used in many scenarios, from automating the volume of an audio track to the amount sent to a reverb bus.


Reverb occurs when a sound hits any hard surface and reflects back to the listener at varying times and amplitude until the reflections eventually die off. Reverb effects help create a sense of space in the music.


Delay is an audio effect that records an audio signal for playback a determined time after the original audio signal. Delay can be played back in different ways to achieve sounds, such as echoes that decay over time.