Music Onboarding

Welcome to your musical journey with Vivid Tempo Studio! Here’s a brief overview of our onboarding and production process to help you get started.

1) Complete Onboard Form

To ensure a smooth start to your music production, please fill out our onboarding form. It captures essential details like song name, reference tracks, and special instructions, which are crucial for us to align with your vision efficiently. Completing this form is a key step in our workflow, helping us deliver high-quality production tailored to your needs.

2) Upload Reference Materials

Please upload any relevant files you have, such as demos, lyrics, voice memos, or session files. This will help us understand your vision and create a song representing your music. 

NOTE: Please use a metronome when recording your demo.

3) Schedule Producer Session

Schedule an initial Zoom Producer Session for in-depth discussions and creative exploration.

Production Overview

  1. Demo Mock-Up Development: We start with a basic piano arrangement to outline the song’s structure.
  2. Collaborative Refinement: The demo undergoes revision based on artist feedback to align with their vision.
  3. Finalizing Key Elements: We confirm the song’s key, tempo, and overall style before proceeding to full production.
  1. Initiating Full Production: The process involves adding instrumentation, vocals, and production elements.
  2. Incorporating Live Session Musicians: Depending on the package, live musicians enhance the song’s authenticity.
  3. Adding Background Vocals (If Chosen): Professional singers bring harmonious layers as per the artist’s choice.
  4. Regular Updates and Feedback: We keep artists informed and incorporate their feedback throughout this stage.
  1. Recording Preparation: Prepare to record your vocals, choosing your preferred studio setting.
  2. Payment and Recording Support: Full payment is required before vocal recording.
  3. Secure Vocal File Transfer: Return your recorded vocals via our secure system for integration into the song.
  1. Initial Mix Review and Feedback: Artists receive an MP3 preview, with the opportunity to give detailed feedback using DropBox Replay.
  2. Revisions and Final Approval: We offer up to three complimentary revisions, with additional changes available for a fee. Artist approval finalizes the mix.
  1. Mastering: The track is mastered to industry standards, enhancing the overall quality for distribution.
  2. Final Track Delivery: The completed and mastered track is delivered digitally to the artist.