Chevon Corlew-Coleman’s ‘Rock With Me’: A Vivid Tempo Studio Production Honoring Frontline Heroes

Experience ‘Rock With Me’ by Chevon Corlew-Coleman, a tribute to frontline heroes, produced with precision and passion by Vivid Tempo Studio.

Chevon Corlew-Coleman, a renowned songwriter in the gospel music scene, has collaborated with Vivid Tempo Studio to create a poignant tribute to healthcare workers and frontline heroes during the COVID-19 pandemic. Titled “Rock With Me,” this song, featuring Christian artist Yechi (Jacob Onyechi), is a powerful anthem of gratitude and hope in challenging times.

A Heartfelt Musical Tribute

“Rock With Me” emerged as a beacon of appreciation and support for those battling the pandemic’s frontlines. Chevon Corlew-Coleman’s songwriting prowess, combined with Yechi’s soulful vocals, creates an uplifting message that resonates with listeners worldwide.

Samuel Hill’s Expert Production

Produced by Samuel Hill of Vivid Tempo Studio using Logic Pro X on an iMac Pro, the song is a testament to our commitment to top-notch production quality. The drums, programmed with East West PRODrummer and enriched with samples from Splice, provide a solid foundation. The use of Logic Pro X’s Alchemy for the synths adds a modern, dynamic layer to the track.

Ryan Classe’s Electrifying Guitar

Session guitarist Ryan Classe, known for his work with artists like Dante Bowe, brings his exceptional talent to “Rock With Me.” His live electric guitar recordings elevate the track, adding a vibrant energy that enhances the listening experience.

Innovative Vocal Production

The vocal editing and tuning were crucial in shaping the song’s pop appeal. Using tools like Logic Pro X Sampler and Auto-Tune Pro, along with various plugins, we achieved a modern pop vocal sound. The creative use of octave-pitched vocal effects adds an intriguing twist to the song’s arrangement.


“Rock With Me” is more than just a song; it’s a heartfelt tribute produced by Vivid Tempo Studio, showcasing our dedication to creating music with meaning and impact. We invite you to listen and feel the power of this musical homage to our frontline heroes.

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