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Finding a Christian music producer near is hard. We can produce your song remotely. We take the time to understand your music to keep the spirit of the song.


Christian & Gospel Producer Samuel Hill sitting in Vivid Tempo recording studio

Listen To Our Production

Check out some of the music we produced. You will hear various Christian music styles of worship, gospel, CCM, and more.

What is our production process?


We get the vision of your song and any reference content. We will prepare a basic demo for review.


Our musicians will add the musical parts to bring life to the song. Next, we will send the produced track for review.


Record background and lead vocals. We assist you in finding a local recording studio to record and send us your vocals.

Mixing & Mastering

Prepare the session files to mix & master the song. Then, perform necessary revisions and send the final files.

Christian & Gospel music production with Neuman TLM 197 microphone

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Let’s discuss how we can help produce your music


Our work is typically work made for hire. You own the song 100%. The exemption is when we are involved in writing the song. In those cases, we will discuss any agreements in writing beforehand.
A virtual instrument is a real instrument that has been recorded by microphones and other studio gear. The instruments are recorded at multiple velocities to help provide great realism. These recorded samples are then controlled and played back using a midi controller such as a midi keyboard.
We keep things simple with our music production workflow. The process starts off with you providing a demo of the song with a simple phone recording and any reference youtube links. Next, we will take care of the music on our end, and you will provide us with your recorded vocals on your end. On ...