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Finding the right Christian & gospel music producer can be a difficult task. You want someone who understands your message and will do justice to your song. That’s why our team of producers is here for you – we’ll make sure your track sounds exactly as you envision it, taking the time to get to know your vision and music intimately.

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Discover the unique and inspiring sounds of our music production – from poignant worship pieces to toe-tapping gospel anthems to uplifting CCM tunes. Explore a world of faith-filled melodies!

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At VIVIDTEMPO, we believe in bringing out the unique and special sound God has placed on your heart. With our pro-class gear, we can produce industry-standard music to bring your inner melodies into reality!

Why Choose Us To Produce Your Christian Music?

Professional Musicians

Our team will provide you with a radio-ready christian song that you will love and touch hearts.

Best Rates

We work with artists at all levels and budgets to provide packages suitable for everyone.

Remote Production

Work with professional producers, writers, & musicians around the world to elevate your gospel music.

Free Consultation

Discuss your vision and aspirations on a free consultation. Receive guidance on your christian music goals.

Your Music Is Our Canvas

VIVID TEMPO is your go-to source for quality Christian & gospel production. We offer a spectacular selection of diverse styles and areas of expertise to ensure the best musical experience possible! With our talented roster of artists at the ready, we can help you create something truly unique – from classic builds to contemporary beats and everything in between!

Artist Testimonials

Samuel demonstrated his awesome producing chops by taking a humble vocal recording and turning it into something truly special. His absolute dedication to timeliness, combined with an ear for details, made him the perfect collaborator – I’m sure we’ll work together again soon!