How Do I Find A Local Recording Studio?

Finding a local recording studio is a pretty straightforward process, with many options available in your local area. Finding a recording studio is more similar to finding a great restaurant to eat at. You don’t need to know all of the gear and technical nuances. You need to know if they provide clients with a great experience.

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What To Consider


The studio doesn’t need a large space if you are recording vocals alone. If you plan to bring a small team of singers to record background vocals, you will want to ensure the studio can accommodate a small group. Most studios are equipped for that scenario. 


Do you think you will feel comfortable in the setting? Are you comfortable with the engineer (personality)? Does the studio feel safe? Would you happen to know if the setting is professional? Some studios allow smoking or drinking, so you may want to review their policy or inquire when you contact them to make sure it aligns with you. 


A good price range to expect is anywhere around $50 – $75 per hour price range. Some studios require a minimum of a 2-hour session.

Searching for a Studio

Searching for a studio is just like searching for a restaurant. Use Google to search for recording studios in your local area and factor in the three main areas of consideration. Check out the video above for a local recording studio guide.

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