Behind the Music: The Making of ‘Jeremiah 29:11’ with VIVID TEMPO and Chevon Corlew-Coleman

Explore the award-winning music of “Jeremiah 29:11,” a VIVID TEMPO produced masterpiece that weaves Chevon Corlew-Coleman’s spiritual lyrics into a rich tapestry of sound.

VIVID TEMPO studio takes pride in our collaborative endeavors, one of which is the celebrated project with singer-songwriter Chevon Corlew-Coleman, resulting in the inspiring album “Jeremiah 29:11”. Samuel Hill, our in-house Christian music producer, worked closely with Chevon to craft an album that resonates with listeners on a spiritual level. The album showcases the talents of Crestview, Florida’s own vocal ensemble, Jeremiah, and the dedicated musicians of band 29:11.

Our partnership achieved notable recognition in April of 2011 when the esteemed Tyscot Music & Entertainment held their Share YOUR Songbong Contest. Chevon Corlew-Coleman’s compelling composition “God Alone,” produced by VIVID TEMPO’s Samuel Hill, was honored with the grand prize. This accolade is a testament to the harmonious blend of Chevon’s heartfelt songwriting and Samuel’s expert production skills.

The track “God Alone” stands as a powerful reflection of unwavering faith. Its poignant lyrics celebrate the eternal presence and might of God, offering solace and fortitude to all who face life’s trials. Evoking the miraculous deliverance of the Israelites at the Red Sea, the song is an anthem of perseverance, urging us to look forward and trust in the steadfast love and support of the Lord.

We at VIVID TEMPO are dedicated to capturing the essence of these profound messages in our productions, ensuring that artists like Chevon can share their vision with the world through music that not only sounds exceptional but also carries a message of enduring hope and faith.

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